Hey everyone!

This is a page for my current Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaign. This page has information about the history of the world that the players are in, bio’s of important NPCs, major cities and organizations within the world, also it has a forums section that my players can post their suggestions and general comments, also this will be the place where i post my game cancellations instead of having to get a hold of people individually.

In time i will also upload my world map to this site so that there is another way to back it up (last campaign i lost my map mid way through the plot).

Also this will be the place to go for updates/refreshers as to what has happened to the party so far and i will keep this up to date as the games go along.

please enjoy! and if you want to play in my game let me know and I’ll see what we can do.

Information for character creation

  • 1 free 18 stat
  • 3 wonderous items (with my approval)
  • good character backround (you can post it here if you want)

The rise of Zelegith

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