A wizard of Bacoob, Neritor studied in the Arcane guild in Neverdusk. He also helped defend the city during the event that is known as Sundering of Neverdusk. Due to his efforts in the battle and the death of the Arch Mage, he was promoted as the leader of the Arcane section of The Guild of Arcane and Divine magic. Then one night he recieved a vision from his god Bacoob that he must help a party of adventurers in their task to bring down Zelegith. After searching through records he found some information about the hilt of Zelegith’s sword, and it’s location. While the adventurers were in the dwarven citadel, Bacoob took Neritor’s guise and directly assisted the party to defeat the avatar of Zelegith.

After Neritor was contacted by the adventurers and he helped set them on the path to the location of the hilt, he returned home to find that his wife and child were missing. He was later contacted by an agent of Zelegith, that let him know that in order for his wife and child to live he must have the adventurers come back with the hilt instead of destroying it. So fearing for the life of his family and hoping that he could warn the adventurers of this ahead of time,he told the adventurers that the hilt could only be destroyed with a spell that he found in an ancient text.

After the adventurers returned and Zelegith regained control of the sword, he killed Neritor’s family and arrested the adventurers. Neritor managed to escape along with the catfolk that was in the adventuring party. He then spent the next 3 years finding a way to weaken Zelegith enough so that mortals could slay him. In about 1 year rumors started spreading that Zelegith resurrected the original 4 adventurers that defeated him as his loyal servants. Realizing that Zelegith had to use a part of his power in order to bring back such powerful adventurers against their will and make them serve him, he created an orb that will absorb the essence of the adventurers once they are defeated. He did not however plan what to do with this orb further, as his research was creating suspicion among the local mages that served Zelegith and the town guard.

in 2 more years he contacted the Catfolk that has been hiding out in Neverdusk and with his assistance rescued the adventuring party from their underground cells. he only had enough power to rescue 3 of the 4 prisoners, making the hard decision to leave the half elf ranger behind. During their escape he was slain by powerful Black Dragon servants of Zelegith that the adventurers then slew.


The rise of Zelegith Neadric