Zelegith is the main villian of the campaign… He was never really a being per say. He is a spirit that was created from all the evil of the evil gods that was put into a set of armor. This set of armor was put onto the material plane to make things “interesting”. Early on in the world’s history, the armor was found by an adventurer. He could tell it was magic but what kind of magic or what it did was beyond him, the armor seemed to call to him promising great power and immortality if he put the armor on. He resisted the armor’s call for several years before finally collapsing and putting it on. After he did so, the spirit flowed through him and manifested within him. The name Zelegith was gotten from the first person that wore it. Over the next several years Zelegith proceeded to conquer the continent and made allies of all the evil forces to join him in the conquest. Eventually the gods had to interfere as they feared he might go beyond the mortal realm in his lust for power and destruction. They provided a group of adventurers that have been working against Zelegith for some time with the necessary power and weapons to destroy him.

The party consisted of a Wizard, Cleric, Ranger, and Paladin. After several more months they managed to track down Zelegith and they fought him for several hours before finally they were victorious. The Paladin pulled off Zelegith’s helmet and as the armor separated from the host all power went out of him and Zelegith was no more. The adventurer’s decided that they will be in charge of keeping the armor safe from any that would use it to gain power again. Eventually as the armor recovered from the battle, it started to call out to the adventurers and pit them against each other. Several years later as tensions between the members grew, finally the tipping point was reached and the adventurers fought one another for control of the armor. The only surviving adventurer was the Paladin, and right before be put the armor on, the gods stepped in and smote him.

This did not go unnoticed by The Creator and he punished the gods in what the mortals called The Great Humbling. After this, Moradin the god of all dwarf kind had his people build a great citadel with magical wards against the armor’s evil, and tasked them with protecting the armor. For several thousand years the armor sat dormant in the darkest vault of the citadel.

Documents still existed as to what happened when Zelegith was in power, and one of these books was located by the leader of the Adventurer’s guild. As he read through it he became fascinated that a set of armor can cause that kind of destruction. So he set out to the Dwarven citadel to study the armor and make sure that such evil can be prevented in the future. As the leader of the Adventurer’s guild he got the king’s blessing to investigate and as the months passed, the armor detected that the leader had a weakness to him that it could exploit. With the limited amount of power the armor had, it put dreams of grandeur and promises of wealth and prosperity to the leader of the adventurer’s guild. It showed him a world where the adventurer’s guild was the most powerful entity in the world.

After a year of this the leader became obsessed with finding a way of freeing the armor. The book he had referenced another text that kept a record of how the armor’s wards and suppression spells were created. The location was unknown, so he had a group of adventurers search for it describing it as a book “that will destroy the armor permanently”. After the adventurers presented him this book, he used it to free the armor, and as he put it on, once again Zelegith came to life. what followed was the biggest slaughter in the known history of the world, it would be later called Moradins despair. As revenge for keeping him imprisoned, he destroyed every dwarf in the citadel and opened a Devil Gate that allowed Devils to pour through and finish off any survivors. In the months to come he gathered a great army of evil creatures and followers of the evil gods, and started his war against the world. Before he left the citadel however he placed a trap for the adventurers which he knew would try to stop him. He placed a page of a book that in reality did nothing, but he had his spy network spread a rumor that this page was part of an instrument to destroy him. He also placed a very powerful time slowing spell on the citadel. As the adventurers traversed the ruined citadel he conquered the western part of the world in the years to come.

During his conquest he found a way to siphon a very slight amount of power from The Creator himself, and he grew even more powerful with time. He then started to work towards recovering his sword, which back in ancient times was split into 2 pieces and hidden away. With this sword he would become near invincible, and his recently gained power from the creator would literally allow him to become a god. The blade of the sword was kept in the capital city of Rapture, and once he took the blade away the city collapsed under the water pressure, since the blade was the thing that was keeping the magic shield around the city strong. He then found out that the adventurers working against him have discovered the location of the hilt. instead of searching for it himself, he used a wizard named Neritor (who was helping the adventurers) by threatening to kill his family and turn them into his undead servants, and had him tell the adventurers to come to Neverdusk with the hilt.

Having recently conquered Neverdusk, Zelegith placed a very powerful illusion spell over the city to make it seem like nothing happened. As the adventurers arrived he took the hilt from them and combined the blade with the hilt, and acceded the godhood as he held the sword. He imprisoned the adventurers and his current goals are unknown. It is known however that he resurrected the 4 adventurers that destroyed him and made him his loyal generals.


The rise of Zelegith Neadric